Saturday, May 12, 2007


Just funny...

Nozulla may cause the following symptoms: itchy rashes, full body hair loss, projectile vomiting, gigantic eyeball, the condition known as 'hot dog fingers,' children born with the head of a golden retriever, seeing the dead, bone liquification, possession by the Prince of Darkness, tail growth, elderly pregnancy....

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sculpties test on the Beta Grid

I downloaded the new SL Beta Client yesterday and tooled around with the "sculptured prim" (sculpties). I'm sure this will be big when it hits the main grid; we are likely to see SL come to stand for "still life," as bowls of fruit will start popping up all over the place. What I want to learn is how to make a sculptie texture. The beta client only comes with the APPLE texture as default, so you have to save/upload the banana, stem, plate, cube textures yourself. The link for that is here:

I found some problem though - that a sculpted prim would snap out of shape from time to time. So, instead of being a sculpted cube, for instance, I would all of a sudden see a sphere. I'm not sure if this is an artifact of my graphics card or if its beta bug (my guess is the latter).

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Silent Auction covered in Chronicle of Higher Ed blurb

Ms. Foster called me today around 11:30 am; the short article about the Silent Auction in SL has already been posted! Thanks, Andrea!

Silent Auction to benefit Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund

To benefit the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund, I've set up a "silent auction" on EduIsland. It goes from today through Sunday, May 13.

The idea is to browse the objects and offer the most you would be willing to pay for them (which is done via a web-based survey tool). Remember, this is a charity event, so the point is to bid generously!!

You do not need to be in SL to bid. The bid forms (which have links to pictures of items) are linked from:

More detailed instructions are found at the SL site and on the bid forms. Going to the SL allows bidders to learn more about the tools on which they might be bidding. The SLURL is:

The following items are available:

1) Many tools useful for educators, donated by Eloise Pasteur, Dagmar Kojishi, Dedric Mauriac, and Ann Enigma

2) A Retail Holodeck Room (with 40 scenes) donated by Bishop Carroll

3) Artwork by Alchimia Jewell and Professor Believeau

4) Misc. furniture

Happy bidding!! If you have questions, please let me know. I guess we'll see how this works...